“Emily Selects Her Own Society”

I have always appreciated Dickinson’s poetry, and I’ve been equally fascinated by her independence and self-reliance. She lived her life exactly the way she wanted, including studying science and religion. Yes, she was reclusive, and there are some historic facts about her life, but not much. So I put my imagination to work!

“Emily Selects Her Own Society” is a Readers Theater script that fills in some of the blanks. In this script, Emily argues with her father about not wanting to go to church. She attends a science symposium with her friend and eventual sister-in-law, Sarah Gilbert. I imagined Emily going on a few dates! Much of what is in the script is fiction, but I made sure to include plenty of facts as well!

This script includes snippets of Emily’s poetry too!

This script takes about 17 minutes to read aloud.

There are 8 speaking roles, and 10 enrichment activities–writing, research, hands-on, art, and music.

Click here to take a closer look!


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