“Ophelia Finds Her Voice”

If you’ve read Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, you know that Ophelia doesn’t have much of a voice. She is manipulated by the men in her life, and we never really know what her views are regarding her hopes and dreams.

That all changes in this Readers Theater script! Ophelia is portrayed as strong, independent, and intelligent. She still loves Hamlet, but only to a certain point. And in this script, Ophelia does not die! She avenges her father’s murder and lets her voice ring out!

**NOTE** Your students will enjoy this script even if they haven’t read Hamlet, but it will be more meaningful to them if they have.

This readers’ theater script takes about 30 minutes to read aloud.

There are 8 speaking roles.

10 enrichment activities–writing, research, hands-on, art, and music.

Click here if you’d like to learn more!


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