Making the Writing of Poetry Fun

As a high school teacher, I understand how challenging it can be to get students interested in writing poetry. For many students, the very idea of writing poetry can seem intimidating and unapproachable. It seems that most would rather undergo a root canal! One way to make the writing of poetry less horrific, ha! is to make it seem like a game.

Most students have solved mazes at one time or another. I used the idea of a maze filled with words to help students generate ideas to write poetry! These pre-filled mazes function as scaffolding for students who might need a bit more help writing poetry.

Students can start the maze at one of many different entry points. The path they follow is filled with words. Different path=different word choices.

As they follow the path, they keep track of the words they meet along the way. This becomes a word bank. The students then use the words to form a poem about the topic.

I’m not too strict with the word bank. Students do not have to use all the words they encounter. They can add to or take away from the word bank as they see fit. I also do not insist on rhyme. Rhyming poetry is quite tricky. Often the focus becomes the rhyme instead of the message.

I have created a few poetry mazes so far, with plans to create more!

Each resource includes at least one sample poem.

Nature Poetry Maze

Love Poetry Maze

Summer Poetry Maze

Winter Poetry Maze

Want the whole BUNDLE?

Click here!


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