It Feels Great to Share With the World

My Quest

Bright sunshine! What a perfect symbol to start my first blog post.  This year, I’ve decided to provide my high school English students with more opportunities to develop their creative thinking skills. That’s why I’m researching ways to set up a makerspace in my classroom. I’ve realized that it’s expensive! I spent the summer buying LEGOS, glue sticks, and assorted odds and ends.  I’ve also realized I need a bigger classroom, as all these projects take up a lot of space.  But I think the journey has been satisfying so far. My seniors have produced some great hands-on projects relating to Hamlet’s soliloquy. One student said she’d never had to do anything like this before, and another had never used a glue gun.  Suffice it to say, we’ll be doing more hands-on projects. BTW, click on the link above for a FREE collaborative poster I created from my artwork.  Your students will love creating this beautiful, inspirational poster!


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