I fondly remember the Reader’s Theater scripts that often accompanied Weekly Reader and Scholastic News. I looked forward to those days in the classroom when we could read aloud and immerse ourselves in the action of the script. It didn’t matter if I had a speaking part or not, it was still enjoyable.

As a high school English teacher, I am always on the lookout for new and engaging ways to teach my students. These scripts help my students improve their reading skills, comprehension, and confidence while having fun.

However, finding quality Reader’s Theater scripts can be a daunting task. It seems that every time I search for scripts, I am inundated with poorly written and unengaging material–and that’s when I’ve been lucky enough to even find scripts online. Some of the scripts available free of charge are simply too outdated to hold my students’ interest. Many of the scripts are too simplistic, with basic plots and predictable characters. While there are plenty of scripts available for younger children, finding scripts that are both engaging and appropriate for older students can be a challenge. Additionally, finding scripts that cover a range of topics, from history and social studies to literature and science, can be difficult.

Another challenge is finding scripts that are flexible enough to accommodate different numbers of students. Reader’s Theater can be an effective activity for both small and large groups, but finding scripts that can be easily adapted to different group sizes can be tricky.

So I have tackled these problems head-on! I have started writing quality, engaging scripts at affordable prices. Many of my resources come with enrichment ideas.

What would happen if Stephen King showed up to the senior prom? Click here to find out.

Have you heard about the curse of the Winchester house? This script is based on historical facts. Click here.

Imagine Elon Musk wants to revolutionize the coffee-making process. In this script, he decides to become a Starbucks barista!

This FREE script involves lots of humor when a group of people shows up at the laundromat to do their laundry. Seems like a mundane idea, but conspiracy theories abound. Can Barack Obama save the day? Find out!

No doubt you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding AI-generated artwork. This script, “ARTBOT and the FUTURE of AI-GENERATED ART,” includes a discussion of the recently auctioned, Edmond de Belamy. Artists such as Miyazaki, Cindy Sherman, and Georgia O’Keefe show up to voice their opinions.

Lastly, this script, “There is Still Hope” centers around a heroine who tries to survive in a world suffering from the effects of global warming under a fascist government. Click here to see if Blaze triumphs.

Want to save 20% on all these scripts?! Click here.


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