I’m proud of what I’m producing

So far I’ve created over 10 quality products for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I’ve only sold two products but I can see that hundreds of people have downloaded my various free items. They’ve left glowing reviews. I’ve queried sellers on how many items they had in inventory before sales started to pick up and the magic number seems to be 50. I’m also trying to find a niche market. I think if I keep incorporating my art skills, I’ll garner more followers and perhaps more sales. I know I’ll keep producing products that I actually use in the classroom. I just have to trust that if I continue to build it, they will come.



  1. I wish you success with your Teachers Pay Teachers store. It’s interesting to hear that the ‘magic’ number is 50. I don’t have that many uploaded yet, but I’ve been concentrating on my own website because I have interactive lessons for the interactive whiteboard.
    I’ll check out your store, but I’m wondering what year level you target. 🙂

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      1. I’m at the other end of the school. I’m no longer in the classroom but I share teaching resources for the first three years of school on my website readilearn.com.au. Most of my teaching time was with children under eight years old. I also worked briefly as a learning support teacher of children up to 12.

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